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We (APEX IT SOURCING LIMITED) provide all of the data centre equipment, complete assistance, servicing, and warranty services. We offer our customers the option of extending the life of their servers, networks, and storage devices at a low cost. We have competitive pricing model which at average 70% less than OEMs and 10% less than other third-party suppliers. When most data centre equipment is left behind by manufacturers new product roll-outs, post-warranty coverage is becoming increasingly important for the companies to secure their sensitive data and equipment life.

Majority of the Manufacturers focus on promoting their newest technology offerings, which results in higher premiums for service extensions and renewals for customers. If you've determined your device's expiration date, notify us to expand your coverage and increase your profitability while keeping your data centre company running smoothly and without any interruption.

Post-Warranty Support

If any hardware is listed as EoSL by the manufacturers, companies using such equipment have two options available with them, 1) upgrade it with newer hardware 2) purchase a post-warranty maintenance contract. Some vendors have specialised post-warranty assistance, but these are also the more expensive choice, making the upgrade option more appealing.

Our company, as a reliable option, provide outstanding servicing and troubleshooting services for older hardware without including the original equipment manufacturer (OEM). These services are usually often less expensive than OEM services, but without sacrificing efficiency of the product. We manage services to following brands:

  • Cisco
  • HPE
  • Juniper
  • Fortinet
  • Zebra

EoSL Support

Manufacturer's warranty is included for a piece of computer hardware, and it includes production flaws and other faults only. A repair and service contract is also included for mid to high-end IT systems, ensuring that you have the help you need in the case of a breakdown or outage.

Usually IT hardware is made to last a certain amount of time period. Both devices have proposed maintenance periods built in by the hardware production industry, at the end of which owners are invited to repair the hardware. Older hardware is designated as "End of Service Life" (EoSL) to sustain these upgrade periods, at which stage all general manufacturer-provided support and servicing is discontinued.

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