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You acknowledge and reflect that you are purchasing goods and services in accordance with the mentioned standard terms and conditions.

Purchase Order

Customer's purchase order should only be used for accounting purposes and any additional terms or conditions contained in customer’s purchase order are specifically refused and will be null and void, unless APEX IT SOURCING has agreed upon in its sales order / order confirmation to customer. The inability of APEX IT SOURCING LIMITED to expressly object to all other new or separate terms and conditions does not constitute a concession or approval of those terms and conditions.

Product Availability

Prices and other material on this Platform are not firm deals to sell and are subject to adjustment by our company at any time without warning or intimation. Product supply controls all orders. Any order, in full or in part, is subject to cancellation by APEX IT SOURCING LIMITED. We cannot promise that the orders will be met. We don’t hold any stock for customer against their purchase order only, once customer will make payment only then they are entitled to have stock hold.

Credit Payment Terms

We approved customers doing business with us on regular basis for a credit terms of Net (1 to 30) days with appropriate credit limit. Invoices are payable by customers from the date of invoice for the approved customers for credit terms.

APEX IT SOURCING LIMITED has the right to recall / cancel the credit terms of any customer at its sole discretion and can demand complete or partial payment in advance if your financial position is considered unsatisfactory by APEX IT SOUCING LIMITED or your credit limit is utilized already against any pending orders. The decision will be on absolute discretion of the company. If you do not pay in full or in half, company reserves the right to cancel or postpone any or all of your orders and/or change rates to meet those in place at the time the postponed shipment is made. A service fee equal to the lesser of 1.5% per month or the highest cost allowed by statute is applied to amounts that are past due.

Tax Conditions

Until you provide us with a valid exemption certificate, any consumption, excise, sales, value-added, or other tax that may be applied to the sales transactions made under this Agreement may be invoiced to you as a separate item and must be paid by you.

Right to Discontinue Product/Service

APEX IT SOURCING LIMITED reserves the right to change or discontinue products or services at any point without prior notice. When interchangeability does not materially influence shape, suit, or feature, company retains the right to substitute the more recent concept or produce comparable items. New, similar to new, or reconditioned parts can be used in restoring or maintaining items.


Any changes in the sales order agreement requested amendments to directives must be approved and accepted in writing by our company. You intend to pay us the then current standard sales price and/or penalties for such agreed changes, as well as any increased costs and expenditures incurred as a result of such accepted changes, plus APEX IT SOURCING LIMITED then current standard benefit rate for such accepted changes and directions.

Order Cancellation

All orders are processed on confirmation from the customer. Any order termination possible subject to a receiving written notice of such cancellation before;

  • Any commodity is pickup from our warehouse or delivered or
  • The services are scheduled to begin.

You must reimburse APEX IT SOURCING LIMITED the appropriate costs and obligations (including, without limitation, expenditures and obligations to APEX IT SOURCING vendors, distributors and subcontractors) incurred by the company prior to receipt of the termination notice in the event of any such entire or partial cancellation of any order. Non-standard, rare, or custom goods and/or facilities orders are final and non-refundable. If order is processed on NCNR (Non Cancellable Non Returnable) agreement, cancellation will not be entertained and full amount of the product value is recoverable from the customer.


The products will be shipped from our facility. When we dispatch the goods to a courier for distribution, title and risk of theft or injury to the products pass to you. The relevant licensor will retain ownership of the product (s).

The company holds the right to determine the manner and routing of shipments at its discretion. You understand and accept that we will obtain volume discounts from its carriers, which will not be paid or refunded to you. We will be able to ship goods in different lots.

Returning of the Products

Items can only be returned in compliance with the company’s normal Return Policy in place at the time of the return. APEX IT SOURCING is not responsible for any returned merchandise that is lost, destroyed, changed, or otherwise handled for disposal or resale if you do not follow our company’s Return Policy. Before returning a product, you must first contact us to receive a Return Material Authorization ("RMA") number to include in your return. Without an accepted RMA number, we will are not obligated to allow / accept any return.

The product must be returned in its original or identical packaging. For returned goods, you are responsible for all chance of damage as well as delivery and storage costs. Due to packaged or discounted rates, our company reserves the right to charge extra restocking fees and/or issue credit for partial returns that are less than invoice or individual component costs. If you have the right to return a UPS, Rack Units ("Oversized Product") under our Return Policy, you must call us to have the Oversized Product picked up by a courier of our choice.

We can only allow Overweight Merchandise returns that have been certified as undamaged by our selected carrier. If you return an Oversized Product that we determine to be defective, you must pay us a restocking fee equivalent to fifty percent (40%) of the Oversized Product's purchase price.

Delivery/Performance Dates

Both delivery/performance dates listed on this Site or in APEX IT SOURCING documentation are predictions based on receiving all relevant details from you about the goods and/or services ordered on a timely basis. We will make economically fair attempts to achieve the agreed delivery/performance deadlines, but it will not be responsible for any breach of contract or be held liable for any costs or expenditures incurred by you as a result of APEX IT SOURCING LIMITED inability to do so.

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